student organizations

Tufts has over 300 clubs that offer a wide variety of opportunities to build community, pursue interests and passions, learn, take trips, create an impact, conduct service, have fun, and so much more for Tufts students. The Judiciary oversees the recognition and re-recognition process for clubs, and Senate oversees the funding and budgeting of clubs. TCU recognized clubs gain a host of privileges such as access to funding, room reservation power, and much more.



Student organizations are grouped into Councils. Each Council has a theme, and is chaired by an Allocations Board (ALBO) member. The Chair will be the one budgeting the clubs in their council in the spring. You can see a list of Allocations Board members and their councils here.


department ids

Each club has a department identification number which is used to assist budgeting, reimbursements, and interdepartmental transfers of funds. The ID number will always begin with "A901---" followed by the council number (1-9) and the club's ID number for the council.


Ex. The Tufts French Society is in Council 1: Cultural. They are identified within the council with the ID number 18 - their Department ID is A901118.