Senate-approved FY20 Budgets (click on the link for all FY20 budgets)

All preliminary budgets are due 2/15 by 5:00pm! Email them to and your council chair!

Budgeting Slides

Budget Template

Council Chairs:

Council 1 Cultural: Sharif Hamidi

Council 2 Programming: Klavs Takhtani

Council 3 Media: Kathleen Lanzilla

Council 4 Religious: Karan Rai

Council 5 Performance: Tim Leong

Council 6 Miscellaneous: Ayden Crosby

Council 7 Pre-Professional: Karishma Chouhan

Council 8 Political: Rabiya Ismail

Council 9 Student Government & Engineering: Jacqueline Chen

Budgeting Timeline:

Friday February 15th: All preliminary budgets are due by 5:00pm, make sure you email your budget to and your council chair

Wednesday February 20th: Council wide meetings

The meetings are during open block (12pm-1pm), and here are the rooms, councils, and council chair:

Braker 113- Council 1: Sharif Hamidi

Braker 118- Council 2: Klavs Takhtani

Braker 222- Council 3: Kathleen Lanzilla

Braker 223- Council 4: Karan Rai

Braker 001- Council 5: Tim Leong

Braker 226- Council 6: Ayden Crosby

Braker 225- Council 7: Karishma Chouhan

East 015- Council 8: Rabiya Ismail

East 016- Council 9 & Engineering

Monday February 25th - Friday March 15th: Two individual meetings between you and your council chair to negotiate your final budget

Sunday April 9th: Senate hears any appeals and votes on FY20 budgets