After attending a New Organization Information Meeting (as described on our “Starting a New Organization” webpage), the Judiciary will reach out to the e-mail addresses listed in the New Student Organization Application Form to arrange a meeting before Thanksgiving Break.

For your meeting with the Judiciary, you will need hard copies of the following materials:

  • A copy of your organization’s constitution

  • A hand-written list of at least 15 members, preferably obtained as a sign-in sheet at a regular club meeting

  • Proofs of three events from the preceding Spring semester which demonstrate that all events were open and advertised to the entire Tufts Undergraduate Community. If your club held more than three events, please feel welcome to bring proofs for all of the events you held. Please feel welcome to use events held in collaboration with other groups.

  • An example of what you would expect your club’s TCU budget to look like in an average year, with line items. This is non-binding. Budgets for current clubs should be used for guidance, and can be found in the “Student Organizations” section of this website.

Certain types of student organizations have more lenient recognition criteria, as follows:

  • If your organization is religious or cultural, you do not need to meet the fifteen-member minimum. However, please bring a member list anyways.

  • If your organization is a competition or performance organization, you do not need to meet the three-event minimum. Please bring proof of one competition or one performance.

The purpose of your meeting with the Judiciary is to evaluate whether your organization is:

  • Meeting the above standards, to which all TCU student organizations are held

  • Unique in purpose and function compared to existing TCU student organizations

  • Sustainable, that is, likely to continue functioning after its current e-board has graduated from Tufts

After this meeting, the Judiciary will vote on whether to officially recognize your organization, making it an official TCU student group. The Judiciary will reach out to you via e-mail within three business days with their decision. If your group is recognized, this e-mail will contain further instructions for gaining access to a TCU budget and connecting with the Office for Campus Life and the TCU Senate. If your group is not recognized, the Judiciary encourages you to continue operating on campus as an unrecognized student group, and to apply for recognition again in the following fall semester.

The Judiciary also seeks to advise new student groups regarding club sustainability, meeting recognition and re-recognition requirements, and any other questions you may have. Please feel free to attend the Judiciary’s office hours on Wednesdays from noon to 1PM, e-mail us at, or reach out to us via Facebook Messenger.