The Re-Recognition process takes place during the spring semester. There are 2 types of Re-Recognition: (1) Informational and (2) Evaluational. 

Every year, student organizations (clubs) alternate going through Informational and Evaluational Re-Recognition. This is decided by using the Council System. Even numbered councils go through Evaluational Re-Recognition in even numbered years (i.e. 2020). Odd numbered councils go through Evaluational Re-Recognition during odd numbered years (i.e. 2021). The councils not going through Evaluational Re-Recognition, go through Informational.

In addition to this system, groups officially recognized during the previous fall semester automatically go through Informational Re-Recognition no matter their council number.  The Judiciary also may make some groups that would normally go through Informational Re-Recognition in a given year, go through Evaluational instead. This typically happens if the Judiciary thinks a club has not been active that year. 

The process will begin when the Judiciary emails all recognized groups with detailed information about the process. 

Required submissions for the Evaluational Re-Recognition Process: 

  • Contact information for the club for the following academic year (in the form of 2 personal emails, not a club email)

  • An up-to-date club constitution 

  • 3 event proofs from the fall semester of the same academic year and 3 event proofs from the spring semester of the previous academic year. 6 event proofs in total. (For example, in the Spring 2020 semester, all clubs must provide events from Fall 2019 and Spring 2019) These event proofs must demonstrate that each event was open and advertised to the entire Tufts Undergraduate Community. *

* Religious, Cultural, Competition, Performance and Publication groups have more lenient event requirements.

Required submissions for the Informational Re-Recognition Process:

  • Contact information for the club for the following year (in the form of 2 personal emails, not a club email).

  • An up-to-date club constitution

If materials provided are not sufficient or have issues of any kind, the Judiciary will attempt to work with the organization in question until proper materials have been provided. Once the deadline is reached (the date of which will be indicated in Re-Recognition correspondence) organizations that have not met the requirements will be de-recognized and no longer be considered official TCU organizations. 

It is the goal of the Judiciary to ensure all student groups are aware and compliant of the procedures and regulations. To this effect, the Judiciary is always open to questions regarding the Re-Recognition process and is happy to advise groups about positive club practices that make the Re-Recognition process easier. Please feel free to attend the Judiciary’s office hours on Wednesdays from noon to 1PM, e-mail us at, or reach out to us via Facebook Messenger.