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what are resolutions?

Resolutions serve as strong lobbying tools that express to the Tufts administration the wants and needs of the student body. They speak as a collective voice and are instrumental in enacting systemic changes.


how do you write a resolution?

You don't have to be a Senator to write a resolution. TCU Senate has heard several resolutions that were written by students or members of student groups attempting to enact a change. If you are interested in writing a resolution, please contact TCU Parliamentarian Finn McGarghan for assistance. Resolutions must be announced to the body at least two weeks in advance of the Sunday that the authors wish for it to be heard and voted upon.

A working title and abstract (brief summary) of the resolution must be submitted to the Parliamentarian and announced to the body two weeks prior, and the full text of said resolution must be made available no later than one week before the authors wish for it to be heard. The Parliamentarian is also charged with making this documentation publicly available.

Resolutions must follow a certain format and certain language that can be found by referencing past resolutions. When the full text of the resolution is submitted, the Parliamentarian will hold a Rules Committee session that is open to the public to review the resolution for grammar, accuracy, and format, but not on its content or stance. Once the resolution is edited, it will come to the Senate floor for a debate and vote. 

Resolutions Archive

For Roll Call votes, please email Historian Rabiya Ismail at for past resolutions, or check the Senate minutes in our "Minutes" section. Please note that not all resolutions have roll call votes. 

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