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Thank you for visiting the Tufts Community Union website. We are in the midst of transitioning from our previous page to this new, more accessible, friendlier site. We hope you bear with us as we make updates and encourage you to check out the different components of the Tufts Community Union Student Government on facebook. For any questions, feel free to contact TCU Senate Chair of Outreach Charlie Zhen at


the spring elections are upon us! learn about how to run for senate, the judiciary, or the committee on student life!

what is the tufts community union?

The Tufts Community Union is comprised of all members of the undergraduate student community. Each student who pays the student activities fee is entitled to the rights and opportunities of a member of the Tufts Community Union. While the TCU Senate, TCU Treasury, TCU Judiciary, and CSL are the governing bodies of the union, each undergraduate student serves as active agents and beneficiaries of this union.


Stay updated on Senate, Judiciary, Committee on Student Life, and Elections Commissions news! Learn about changes to academics, clubs, and student life, as well as opportunities for you to voice your input!

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