what is tcu senate?

TCU Senate is the main governing body for Tufts undergraduate students. Senate tasks include:

  • Writing and passing resolutions

Resolutions serve as strong lobbying tools that express to the Tufts administration the wants and needs of the student body. They speak as a collective voice and are instrumental in enacting systemic changes.

  • Allocating and approving budgets and supplementary funding requests for all TCU-recognized groups

TCU Senate has an operating budget of upwards of $2 million. This budget comes from undergraduates' student activities fee and is used to fund all TCU-recognized student organizations. 

  • Actively communicating with the Tufts student body to represent their needs and interests

Tufts students are encouraged to reach out to their Senate members and express any ideas or concerns they have about student life. Senators are also expected to reach out to their constituents and advocate on their behalf. 

  • Initiating and pursuing projects to better student life

Each senator sits on at least one committee and works on projects of their choosing to better the student experience. The committees currently are:

  • Administration & Policy (A&P)
  • Culture, Ethnicity, and Community Affairs (CECA)
  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Services

who sits on tcu senate?

TCu Senate is composed of:

  • 7 Class Representatives for each year voted for by their respective class members for a total of 28 Class Representatives.

Note: If a class has less than 7 candidates for their class representative seats, the open seats drop down to the following class year. For example, if the Class of 2012 only had 5 candidates for Senate, the 2 unfilled seats are open for candidates of the Class of 2013 to fill. 

  • 7 Community Representatives with full senatorial powers voted for by the entire undergraduate body including:
    • Africana Community Senator
    • Asian American Community Senator
    • First Generation College Students Community Senator (new as of Fall 2017)
    • International Community Senator
    • Latinx Community Senator
    • LBGTQ+ Community Senator
    • Women's Community Senator
  • 3 Trustee Representatives who are appointed by the Senate body without voting power and represent the Tufts Community Union in Board of Trustee meetings. 

A total of 37 Senators make up the TCU Senate body. 


TCU Senate meets every Sunday in the Sophia Gordon Multipurpose Room (15 Talbot Ave, Medford MA 02155). General Meetings begin at 7 PM and are open to the public. 

Allocations Board Meetings are every Wednesday beginning at 8 PM in room 220 of the Mayer Campus Center (40 Professor's Row, Medford MA 02155). Groups have a scheduled time and are expected to be present 10-15 minutes in advance. 


Please click here to see the Senate Bylaws, which govern TCU Senate in conjunction with the Constitution.


For inquiries, please contact TCU Historian Rebeca Becdach at Rebeca.Becdach@Tufts.edu. The Senate office is located in room 215 of the Mayer Campus Center (40 Professor's Row, Medford MA 02155)